Services we provide

Nutech provides turnkey systems in the following areas:


Security and Communications Division:

  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Digital CCTV systems and storage of video
  • Digital Signage
  • Text Inserters for Automatic Teller Machine’s Video Systems
  • FIKE Cybercat® and Precise Intelligent State-of-the-Art Fire Alarm Systems
  • SMATV, CATV Systems for hotels and private communities
  • Giant LED Screens and billboards
  • PCSC Access Control Systems
  • Hi-Tech Electronic Perimeter Protection Systems and Intruder Detection
  • Security Systems Integration
  • Smart Building, Building Automation and Secure Building Systems
  • BOSCH Digital Conference and Congress Systems
  • BOSCH Simultaneous Translation Equipment and Systems
  • Apartment Building Intercom and Video-Intercom Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems and Fire Suppression Equipment and systems
  • Full integration of all security services under a single and simple platform


Building Automation Systems

  • Automatic Operation of Air Conditioning Systems
  • Automatic Operation of multiple elevator systems
  • Automatic operation of area and floor lighting
  • Management and automatic operation of water pump services


Sound, Lighting and Theatre Services Division

  • Acoustical Consulting, Studies and Designs for Performing Arts theatres and other venues*
  • Noise Abatement Solutions
  • Sound Systems* for Theatres, Clubs and Houses of Worship
  • Commercial Background Music Systems
  • Designs, Sales and Installation of Stage Lighting Systems*
  • Designs, Sales and Installation of Stage Floors*
  • Designs, Sales and Installation of Prosceniums*
  • Designs, Sales and Installation of Stage Curtains and Draperies*
  • Designs, Sales and Installation of Seating for Theatres*, Auditoriums, Arenas and Sports facilities
  • Stage Designs*, Backstage Designs*, Orchestra Pit Designs* and Proscenium Designs*
  • Stage Rigging Systems*
  • Architectural Lighting
  • High Tech Acoustical Ceilings in Wood and/or Metal*
  • Home Theatre Surround Sound Systems, with THX Technology
  • Multi-Media Projection Systems

Home Theatre and Distributed Sound and Video Division

  • Home Theatre Audio and Video, Certified THX Systems
  • Home Theatre Acoustical Control, Seating and Interior Desigh
  • Home Stereo Audio Distributed Systems, with basic up to 64 zones or areas and almost infinite zones under AMX control, all controlled in each particular area or zone
  • Home Video Distribution System for up to 30 independent areas or zones, each individually controlled. Movies independently delivered by a powerful Video/Audio server
  • Home Theatre Interior Designs and Constructions
  • Nutech features AMX, MATRIX AUDIO and AXONIX.

* Services available in package for design-to-inauguration turnkey of Performing Arts Theatres and Auditoriums